Prof. Levinson publishes op-ed, "Will the SEC save us from Citizens United?"

Associate Clinical Professor Jessica Levinson published an op-ed, "Will the SEC save us from Citizens United?" in the Sacramento Bee about looming SEC regulations that could impact the deluge of undisclosed corporate dollars into campaign coffers. She writes:

Many reform proposals have surfaced in the three years since the Citizens United decision. Reformers have suggested everything from more robust public campaign financing to a constitutional amendment to "overturn Citizens United." However, many of the more practical suggestions have centered upon increased campaign disclosure, specifically with respect to corporate political giving and spending.

Now the SEC may step in to help shed light on the dark money being poured into our political system. After a barrage of calls, emails and online comments, the SEC could propose a new rule requiring publicly traded corporations to tell their shareholders about the corporations' political donations. Approximately 500,000 people have commented on a petition asking the SEC to create such a rule.