Loyola professors speak on legacy of Roe v. Wade and Lawrence v. Texas

Professor Douglas NeJaime and Associate Professor Priscilla Ocen participated in the Social Movements panel at "Liberty/Equality: The View from Roe’s 40th & Lawrence’s 10th Anniversaries" conference held Jan. 18-19 at UCLA School of Law and co-sponored by the American Constitution Society and The Williams Institute. NeJaime published a related piece, "Exploring the Legacies of Roe and Lawrence, in the Huffington Post.

The panel discussed:

How have the women’s and LGBT movements reconstituted the meanings—both as a legal and cultural matter—of gender, sexual orientation, and family?  What role have conservative countermobilizations played?  How do movements shape the conditions under which their adversaries can argue?  Is this movement-countermovement dynamic the ordinary condition of politics?  Or is “backlash” a special, pathological feature that can and must be avoided?  Is this process triggered by any form of legislative rights recognition, or primarily by judicial recognition of rights?