Prof. Clark quoted on how Affordable Care Act impacts women

On Nov. 26, 2012, Professor Brietta Clark was quoted by Women's E-News about the specialized coverage options available to women under the Affordable Care Act:

"If the new law encourages more women to see ob-gyns, Brietta Clark, a professor of law at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, will approve. Clark, a researcher of access to health care issues, says all healthy women should see ob-gyns because they are able to 'spot bigger problems' that often primary care physicians and other mid-level providers cannot. Clark herself suffered from fibroids that her primary care provider did not find during multiple exams, but after she switched to an ob-gyn, the problem was identified right away.

Since ob-gyns see women as their regular practice, they will be more in tune with potential problems, such as fibroids, cancer or anything else out of the ordinary. If the health care provider is not an ob-gyn, it is essential that the person 'have ongoing training and experience; not someone who just did some rotations,' Clark says.

She applauds the Affordable Care Act for doing away with higher co-pays for ob-gyns because 'gynecologists should not be treated as rare specialists.'