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Summer Job Diaries: With Fall OCI, Chris Garcia Looks Ahead to Summer 2015

Rising second-year day student Chris Garcia recently completed the On-Campus Interview (OCI) process, during which firms, agencies and other employers recruit students for summer or post-graduate work. During that time, Garcia completed 16 interviews and earned four call-backs, where the firms invited him to a follow-up interviews.

Q: What did you learn during the OCI process?

A: I learned a lot about myself, primarily my communication skills. I learned the importance of personal interaction and that a smile can go a long way. 

Q: How did you prepare for OCI?

A: By reading all of the materials the Career Development Center provided. I also had several of my mentors critique my resume and sought interview tips from practicing attorneys. 

Q: How did the Career Development Center help prepare you for OCI?

A: They were readily accessible whenever I had a question. They also provided me with several guidelines for resumes, writing samples and cover letters. 

Q: What do you think helped you secure your interviews and call backs?
A: Preparation. I made sure my grades were my priority throughout the entire year. Once I was offered the interviews, I conducted my due diligence for each firm and interviewer. 

Q:  Having now gone through this once, what is your advice to students who participate next year?

A: To be patient. OCI can be emotionally draining, but if you dedicate the time that is needed to your classes, and appreciate the need for communication skills, all will be fine. 

Q: What role did faculty members play in your OCI process?

A: After compiling my list of interviews, I checked my professors' bios to see whether they previously worked at those firms. All of the professors I contacted were more than willing to answer any questions I had that were not answered on the firm's website. They also directed me to current attorneys who still work at the firm.