Alumna Danielle Criona '99

Danielle Criona '99 Brings Alumni (and Pistachios!) to the Table

As the senior intellectual property counsel at Roll Global, alumna Danielle Criona ’99 is charged with protecting some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Wonderful Pistachios, FIJI Water and Teleflora. And now, as president of the Alumni Board of Governors, she is bringing the same level of stewardship to the Law School.

Criona manages international enforcement of all trademark and copyright issues for the Roll Global brands, which also include JUSTIN Wines and POM Wonderful juices. Now, she is adapting her passion for collaboration and making connections to her work leading the Alumni Association. With deep roots at the Law School, her strategic vision includes extending the reach of the Alumni Association with a focus on current students and recent alumni.

“We’re trying to involve both alumni and students so that they can get to know each other,” said Criona. “I want students to graduate with a sense of belonging to an alumni network, instead of trying to join up after they graduate.”

A firm believer in networking, she helped launch Connecting Points, a regular series of small events for recent alumni centered on a common point of interest such as area of law practice or location. For her, the focus is on bringing new lawyers and seasoned practitioners to the table. And as a host of one of the first Connecting Points events, it gave her a chance to foster the relationships she finds most important.

“It feels like an extended family,” said Criona. “I love Loyola and always have.”

The veteran litigator has practiced IP law for 13 years. She is accustomed to arguing patent, trademark and copyright infringement claims in court and advising clients on how to maximize their IP portfolios. She says her people skills have helped ease her transition into her new position on the Board of Governors.

“You have to respect that these board members are giving their time outside of their jobs,” she said. “We all have to rally around the common effort.”

The board is branching out, recruiting non-board members to serve on subcommittees like the Online Presence Committee. Criona is also focusing on the Alumni Association’s public service programs like Attorneys for Others, which she views as a way to connect current students with alumni.

The California native received her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and biology from Loyola Marymount University. She received her master’s in biology from California State University, Northridge.