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Loyola Law School ranks third among California law schools for bar passage rate

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles had the third highest passage rate on the July 2013 California Bar Exam among first-time takers from ABA-accredited California law schools, according to data released by the State Bar of California. Loyola’s pass rate for first-time takers was 87 percent, 11 percentage points higher than the statewide average of 76 percent for first-time takers from all ABA-accredited schools in California. Loyola also had more passers overall -- 325 -- than any other law school. The overall pass rate was 55.8 percent for all test takers.

"Loyola alumni excel on the bar exam for the same reason they are great lawyers: They don’t have a sense of entitlement and flat out outhustle the competition," said Dean Victor Gold.

Others echoed his sentiment.

“The bar passage rate is a credit to our students, who take bar preparation very seriously by working hard and taking the right classes in law school, including taking Fundamentals of Bar Writing,” said Professor Jean Boylan, associate dean for clinical programs and experiential learning.

Loyola's bar preparation offerings include Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing, which provides extensive practice on the bar's performance test, and the Multi-State Workshop. Additionally, Loyola offers the for students in their final year of study. It provides students with an orientation on the bar exam, as well as skills instruction.

“Success on the bar involves many years and many people,” said Susan Bakhshian, director of Bar Programs & Academic Success. “The first year of law school is really the first year of bar preparation. As an advanced law student, there is even more to do with additional classes and programs. In law school, programs like the Early Bar and the Bar Writing class are also a part of reaching a good result. But all the classes and programs in the world cannot substitute for hard work during the bar review course.