Loyola Spotlight Articles

  • Assistant Dean for Career Development Sparks Collaboration, Innovation

    Linda Whitfield brings a wealth of diverse work experience to her role as Assistant Dean for Career Development at Loyola Law School, and it serves her well as she focuses on the Career Development Center’s mission to help graduates realize their full potential in the job market. 

  • Second-year Shares Positive Perspective on Law School Life

    Almost anyone who has considered law school has heard the dire warnings: you’ll have no time for anything else.  Second-year Loyola Law student Steve Riley begs to differ, so he got involved with Jury of Peers, a student blog.

  • Evening Student Sees JD as Tool to Expand Union Advocacy Skills

    For nearly a decade, evening student Dev Das ’17 has successfully advocated for others. As an organizer for unions and presidential candidates, he has fought for better wages, improved working conditions and a better life for those he serves. Now, he hopes to use a law degree to deliver even more to those he represents. 

  • Loyola Tax-Law Leadership Exemplified in Conference

    As home to a highly ranked tax program and host to an annual conference featuring the country’s top nonprofit-law experts, Loyola plays a vital, growing role in the study and practice of tax law. 

  • Facing Uncertain Future, Immigrants Find Hope in Loyola Clinic

    Jesika De Jesus admits that she’s worried about her ability to stay in the United States and finish her education. A student at East Los Angeles College, her parents brought her to the country when she was just 6 months old. Now, President-Elect Donald Trump’s campaign promise to deportg undocumented immigrants has suddenly clouded her future. Attending an outreach session with the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic, she saw hope.

  • Former Music Major Finds Entertainment Law Hits all the Right Notes

    A classically trained pianist, Emma Merangulyan ’18 was looking for a way to transpose her performance background into a career that bridged music and the law. She found it at Loyola, where she is gaining experience in entertainment law.

  • Joint JD/Tax LLM Degree Accelerates Career of Recent Alumnus

    For alumnus Joshua Ramirez ’14, a Joint JD/Tax LLM degree was a fast pass to becoming an established attorney. 

  • A Sense Of Community

    Hayden Adams '17 has made countless life-or-death decisions –- at least on stage. If that wasn’t inspiration enough for the seasoned actor to pursue a legal career, a desire for career stability was.

  • Clemency Project Experience Life-Changing for Students and Clients

    For a group of Loyola Law School students pursuing freedom on behalf of federal inmates, writing clemency petitions was a life-changing experience – for both them and their clients. 

  • Seminar Offerings summary image

    New Semester, New Perspectives: Sophisticated Offerings for Spring 2017

    This spring, Loyola is offering a wide array of exciting classes, many of them seminars where you can get a unique small-class experience with leading legal experts. 

  • Mastering the Fundamentals

    One thing Avrohom Feinstein ’18 learned from his years in the U.S. Army infantry, including two tours in Iraq, is the importance of learning the fundamentals. In basic training, he said, “the first things they teach you are how to shoot, move and communicate.”

  • Students Reap Networking Benefits of Loyola Events

    How do you gain access to 500 of the best plaintiffs’ and civil defense attorneys in Southern California? If you’re a Loyola Law School student, it’s simply the reward for an hour of volunteer time.

  • Third-year Advocates for Armenian Community

    As president of the Armenian Law Students’ Association (ALSA), third-year Loyola Law student Nerses Aposhian works to support the educational and professional endeavors of his fellow Armenian students, and also encourages them to seek success “beyond the walls of work” by getting involved in the community at large. 

  • Social-Justice Minded Student Uses Evening Program For Career Reboot

    Evening student Kathleen Becket ’18, a native of Davis, Calif., is growing her skills and her social justice goals during her time at Loyola Law School. Loyola’s part-time JD program is enabling her to fulfill her ambition to be an advocate and an agent of change.

  • Protecting the Electoral Process

    As a fractious, surreal presidential election enters the final stretch, emotions and distractions abound. But Loyola Law School’s Jessica Levinson remains focused on shining light on fundamental issues that imperil and distort our democratic process.  

  • For JD/Tax LLM Student with Tax Background, Loyola an Obvious Choice

    It makes sense that Estevan Fernandez ’18 would be one of the handful of Loyola students working toward earning a JD and an LLM in tax simultaneously. He began doing people’s taxes when he was only 19 years old.

  • Networking and Developing Practical Skillsets Means Everything to This Tax Professor

    Carried interest. Depreciation. Itemized deductions. Tax terms have entered the American lexicon during the 2016 presidential election cycle like never before. The prominence of tax issues underscores the importance of skilled professionals who can spot tax issues, interpret tax policy and deal with the change that comes with a new president’s policies. Enter Loyola Tax LLM Director Jennifer Kowal, who has long understood the critical role tax professionals play in our country.

  • Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent to Celebrate Innocence Day with Exoneree Speakers & Film Screening

    The Project for the Innocent at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles (LPI) will celebrate Innocence Day today at 4 p.m. with a talk featuring exoneree Gary Tyler and a screening of “Cast the First Stone,” a documentary depicting Tyler’s time leading a prison drama club. To be held on Loyola’s downtown LA campus, the screening will celebrate today’s order by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Katherine Mader proclaiming LPI’s client, Kash Delano Register, actually innocent of the murder for which he wrongfully spent 34 years in prison.

  • JIFS summary

    At Juvenile Sentencing Clinic, Students Get Their Day in Court

    Culminating a year in which students in the Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic (JIFS) wrote 15 appellate briefs, argued motions in four different superior courts, represented clients at five parole hearings, and welcomed three clients home after being released on parole. Clinic students also did five oral arguments in California Court of Appeal: four in the Second District and one in the Fourth District. 

  • A Conversation with Dean Michael Waterstone

    We sat down with Dean Waterstone at the law school’s Frank Gehry-designed campus located in downtown Los Angeles to talk about Loyola, his experience, and his new role as Dean.

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