Experts Guide

Loyola Law professors are available to comment on major SCOTUS 2016 opinions: Fisher v. UT (affirmative action in admissions), U.S. v. Texas (immigration), McDonnell v. U.S. (political corruption) and more.

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Election 2016

Our Election 2016 Commentary Guide lists professors by campaign topic and features weekly opinion updates. This week, professors weigh in on a restrictive North Carolina voter ID law and the president's role in acknowledging genocide.

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Summary Judgments blog

Loyola's faculty blog, Summary Judgments, publishes faculty commentary on legal issues in the news, as well as reviews of books and updates on amicus briefs.

Journalist Resources

Loyola is home to a wealth of world-class legal resources, including:
-Research tools via the library
-Law review articles on ripped-from-the-headlines topics such as the cost of capital punishment and paparazzi laws (articles are available for download to mobile devices)