LLS Email Information

All students are required to check their Loyola Law School (lls) e-mail account on a regular basis, as e-mail is the official means of campus communication.

Mailing Lists

Official law school notices are sent to your lls E-mail account and are not distributed in paper. You are responsible for the contents of all such messages.

You can find more information on LLS E-mail lists and discussion forums at the Student Affairs Web site.

Basic E-mail Tasks

Accessing Your E-mail Account

  • You may access your LLS e-mail account by going to http://email.lls.edu .
  • Then enter your Law School username and password.
    • If you have forgotten your Law School password go to my.lmu.edu and click the reset your password button. Your username CAN NOT be changed.

Changing Your Password

Google Email Help

  • You can get email help directly from Google by clicking on the Help link under the gear icon (Settings) on the right top of your email page.

Creating Email Messages

  • Click onto the Compose button on the left side of the screen.
  • In the To box, type in the e-mail address of the recipient. If the recipient is an LLS student or faculty member and you do not know the address, you may tape part of the name and a listing to choose from will appear.
  • Use Cc to send a copy of a message to someone who is indirectly impacted by your message. Use Bcc to send a copy of the message to an address that is not detected in the recipient's mail.
  • Click into the Subject box and type in the subject of the message.
  • Click into the message box and type in your message.
  • Click onto the Send button near the top left of the screen.

Deleting Email Messages

  • You may delete individual or multiple messages by using the check box to the left of the sender's address and selecting the Delete button.

Email Attachments

  • An attachment with your message is indicated with a paper clip icon on the right side of the message listing.
  • To view or download the attachment, open the email message and the attached file name and options will be at the bottom of the message. You may then save it to your USB memory drive.

Special Email Instructions

For Additional Email Information please go to: https://my.lls.edu/informationtechnologydepartment/itdhelprequest

If you encounter a problem with your account, or have any questions, please contact the CRC at 213-736-1426 or visit the Computer Lab Help Desk staff on the 2nd Floor of the Rains Library.

Updated 6/26/15