Other Application Materials

When applying to jobs, employers will often request additional documents such as a writing sample, list of references, and a transcript. Click on the links below for more information about these other application materials.

Preparing a Writing Sample

Preparing a List of References

Obtaining a Transcript

General Application Tips

Loyola Writing Tutors

The Loyola Writing Tutors will be available beginning May 27 to review writing samples in connection with Fall OCI.  Due to the limited number of tutors, they may not be able to process all requests before the July 10 Phase I bidding deadline. Accordingly, if you need your writing sample reviewed before July 10, you must submit your sample to the tutors no later than June 10, 2014.  The tutors will try to process all timely requests before the July 10 deadline; please note, however, that students are permitted to submit only one writing sample per academic year so you may submit a sample only if you have not already done so this year.  Please note also that the tutors will continue to take requests for writing sample help throughout the summer, and the June 10 deadline applies only to students whose writing samples are due by July 10.  To submit your request, please complete the Loyola Writing Tutors - Writing Tutor Request Form and send it with your writing sample to loyola.writing.tutor@gmail.com.