On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

OCI is one of many ways law students obtain jobs.  It is a resume collection and interviewing program through which law firms, government agencies, public interest organizations, and businesses recruit students.  Employers who utilize OCI seek candidates primarily for summer employment, but may also hire for fall, spring, and post-graduate jobs.  The Office of Career Services (OCS) organizes OCI in the fall (August, September) and in the spring (February, March).  Spring OCI is generally smaller, but is less competitive since Spring employers tend to have less rigid qualifications. 

Spring 2014 OCI

Spring 2014 OCI is open to students attending Loyola Law School during the Spring 2014 semester as a 1L (1D/2E, Class of 2016), a 2L (2D/3E, Class of 2015), a 3L (3D/4E, Class of 2014), or an LLM graduating in Spring 2014 or later.  

  • JD/MBA students and those returning from a leave of absence are classified according to the anticipated graduation date they report to the Registrar.
  • Internal transfer students (who transfer from Day to Evening or vice versa) may participate based on the expected graduation term they report to the Registrar. The expected graduation term must be 2013 Fall or 2014 Spring/Summer for internal transfers classified as 3D/4E or 4D/5E. The expected graduation term must be 2014 Fall or 2015 Spring/Summer for those classified as 2D/3E.
  • Visiting students must maintain the same status (full-time or part-time) as they do at their home law school. Visiting students must carry the minimum unit load required by Loyola: 12 for full-time and 8 for part-time.

For questions about OCI registration, application submission, deadlines, or Symplicity, contact Recruitment Coordinator Megumi Horinouchi at Megumi.Horinouchi@lls.edu or at (213) 736-1493. 

For questions regarding resume and cover letter design, interview preparation, or interview follow-up, consult your career counselor or contact OCS.

Complete details regarding Fall 2014 OCI will be emailed to all eligible students in May.