Resident Associate Program

We invite you to participate in a new program designed to meet the needs of both legal employers and the newest members of our profession in a changed market. Our goal is to make it cost-effective for you to hire one of our recent graduates while helping them pursue their practice goals. With your collaboration in this inaugural year of the program, we hope we can create a new template for our profession.

We know that training and stewarding new attorneys in their first years of practice can sometimes feel cost-prohibitive. And we also know that our graduates' first year of practice can set the tone for their entire career. That is why our graduates want to work with firms like yours.

In response to this mutual need, Loyola is creating the Resident Associate Program. Through this program, we encourage you to hire our most recent graduates, but let the Law School share the responsibility of continuing to train them. Specifically:

  • You hire and pay a recent Loyola graduate, but with no commitment beyond one year, at a salary similar to a post-graduate legal fellowship.
  • Loyola provides our graduates with a mandatory Legal Skills Boot Camp prior to starting their employment.
  • Loyola provides additional CLE and professional development training for graduates during their participation in this one-year program.

We recognize the bottom-line economic realities that firms currently face and hope that you will consider this as a feasible approach to staffing your firm. Please see the links below for additional information and to register or refer other employers for the program.

Employers may register for the program by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please email or call Marla Najbergier or Linda Whitfield (213) 736-1150.