A resume has one main purpose: to persuade a prospective employer to grant you an interview. Substantively, your resume should: 1) provide an overview of your academic history, 2) provide an overview of your employment experience and skills, and 3) distinguish you from other candidates by highlighting your unique accomplishments and experience.  

To create your legal resume, follow these seven steps:

1)      Review Loyola Law School’s Policies and Guidelines regarding resumes.

2)      Review Sample Resumes to familiarize yourself with the format and content of a legal resume.

3)      Review Resume Do's and Don'ts and How to Add Class Rank, G.P.A. and High Grades to Your Resume for more specific advice.

4)      Select an applicable Sample Resume as a model, and draft your resume (or revise your existing resume) so it resembles one of the Sample Resumes.  Remember to use Action Verbs to start each of your job descriptions and to make them more informative.

5)      Send your draft resume in Word format to your counselor for review and revisions.

6)      Upload your final revised resume to Symplicity and email your counselor for approval on Symplicity.

7)      If sending your resume to an employer via email, send it as a PDF (not as a Word or Pages document).

For information regarding how to prepare your List of References, Writing Sample, and Transcript, please see Other Application Materials.