Other Correspondence

There are many different types of correspondence used during the job search process. These include the emails you send when attaching application materials, requests for informational interviews, and thank you emails/notes.  

Email Attaching Application Materials

When you send application materials (e.g., resume, cover letter, etc.) to an employer via email, this email is part of your application.  Thus, the body of your email should be as clear, well-written, and professional as possible.  Carefully review the text to catch any typographical errors, and always use a professional tone (just because it is an email does not mean you can be informal!).

Sample Email Attaching Application Materials – Solicited (job has been posted)

Sample Email Attaching Application Materials – Unsolicited (no job posted)

Request for Informational Interview

An informational interview is a meeting with an attorney who is working in (or has worked in) a practice area in which you are interested.  For more information about informational interviews, please see the Interviews section of our website.  To request an informational interview with an attorney, you will typically email the attorney to ask him/her to speak with you. 

Sample Email Request for Informational Interview to LLS Alum

Sample Email Request for Informational Interview with Referral

Post-Interview Thank You Notes

After an interview with an attorney, send a thank you note to the attorney with whom you met via an email or postal mail.  Today, hiring decisions are being made more quickly, so a thank you email sent within 24 hours of your interview is likely the best course of action, as you want the employer to receive the thank you note before they make a decision.  However, if you know that a hiring decision will not be made for some time, or if there is no “decision” to be made (i.e., you met with an attorney for an informational interview only), then a thank you letter or handwritten card is not only appropriate, but can make you stand out as candidate and contact.

Sample Post Interview Thank You Email for 1L Summer Law Clerk Position

Sample Post Interview Thank You Email 2L Summer Associate Position

Sample Post Interview Thank You Letter for Informational Interviews