Out-of-Town Job Search

The key to breaking into a competitive legal market in a different city is networking.  Here are some tips to make contacts in the desired city:

(1)    Conduct informational interviews with attorneys in-house or at small to midsize law firms to develop relationships before jobs are posted.

(2)    Use breaks such as Winter Break, Spring Break and Summer to set up in-person meetings with personal contacts.  If in-person meetings are not possible, request a Skype session or brief phone call.

(3)    To find attorneys, use the following resources:

  • Loyola Connect to identify alumni who are practicing in the destination city.
  • LinkedIn to identify contacts and/or alumni who are practicing in the destination city. 
    • Search 1st and 2nd degree connections for “attorney” and the destination city. 
    • Search the “find alumni” tab under “Network” for attorneys in the destination city.
  • Martindale “advanced search” to filter alumni in the destination city.
  • Review professor biographies for connections to the destination city.  If found, contact the professor and ask if they have any attorneys they can put you in touch with for an informational interview.
  • Contact your undergraduate alumni office and request a list of alumni practicing law in the destination city.

In addition to networking, current students and alumni can request Symplicity Reciprocity to view job postings in a different city.