The concept of networking can sound a bit schmoozy. However, networking does not have to be exhausting or manipulative.  In fact, you network with everyone with whom you come into contact. Networking is simply paying attention to connections and introductions and looking for appropriate conversations to make others aware of your great education at Loyola and that you will soon be "employ-able." There is nothing shady about consciously creating the ideal circumstances and interactions that will help you find your job.

Fact: Over 50% of Loyola students find their jobs through networking

Your job opportunity may come from anyone at any time. The key is to be prepared and aware. Use networking as a tool to allow your job to find you.


Networking 101

Networking Basics                                                                                                                  

Making Small Talk

"How to Make Small Talk"

Business Insider Article, "21 Conversation Starters Professionals Can Use to Break the Ice"

Networking Checklist


Dress & Etiquette

Dressing-Business Casual

Table Manners


Informational Interviews 101

Informational Interviews 

Setting Up an Informational Interview

Request for Informational Interview Sample Emails

Conducting an Informational Interview

Sample Thank You Letters/Emails 


Building Your Network

Who Is In Your Network  

Business Cards

Mentoring Programs 

Loyola Connect Database  

Bar Associations

Social Media

LinkedIn Tips 

"5 Tips on How to Get Involved in Law School Extracurriculars"