Student & Alumni Mentoring Program 2014-2015

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Student & Alumni Mentor Program. The program is designed as a system of support and guidance in which a Loyola alumni can share their experience and insight with current students. The program is not designed or intended to focus on employment opportunities.

The mentor program does not require alumni to log hours or meet a specific time commitment. Instead, the mentor and students are free to determine how often they should meet or communicate based on what works best for the pair. Meetings can be as informal as getting together for coffee, lunch or perhaps shooting a quick email to each other.  We strongly encourage you to maintain contact with each other at least once a month, even if that means just dropping a quick email to check in on the student.  

The criteria used in assigning a mentor will be based on information provided by the alumni on the Mentor Registration Form and information provided by students on the Student Registration Form. Pairing of alumni and students is based on some commonality between the pair (i.e. gender, division, ethnicity etc.)  Confirmation letters regarding alumni mentor/student match will be sent in September and will contain contact information such as name, phone and email address. The letter will go to the email address you provided on your registration form.

The Alumni Association will host a Student & Alumni Mentor Brunch on Sunday, October 5, 2014 from 11am - 1pm.  More information about the brunch will be provided once the pairing has been completed.  The brunch is held on campus and helps facilitate a meeting of mentors and students. However, we encourage students and mentors to communicate prior to the brunch.  Attendance at the brunch is not required but is highly encouraged.

Expectations of Mentors:  Regular communication and occasional meetings are encouraged specifically around midterms, finals and end of year. Mentors should be willing to share their Law School experience with their student(s). The program is specifically designed for students and will conclude by the end of the academic year in May. However, informal mentoring may continue should the pair desire.

Expectations of Students:  Students and mentors should communicate based on what works best for the pair.  Mentors are a valuable resource for information and are not expected to provide or assist students to find employment. Students should seek guidance from their mentors about navigating through and meeting the demands of law school.

Please take this opportunity to give back and make a difference at Loyola Law School. Register to be a mentor to a law student.

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