Endowment Opportunities

An endowment gift creates a permanent fund sustaining the Law School in perpetuity. It is a gift that truly keeps multiplying and renewing itself. The donor and gift become perpetually identified with the Law School.

The earnings from endowment gift funds are divided into two components. Funds from the first component are added to the principal of the endowment to protect its value against erosion by inflation. Funds from the second component are used by the Dean to fund Law School endeavors and projects as allowed through the provision of the endowment gift.

Endowment Opportunities
Academic Chair $3,000,000
Professorship $1,000,000
Adjunct Professorship $500,000
Endowed Designated Scholarship $100,000
Endowed Named Scholarship $50,000

For more information on endowment opportunities, please contact Thanh Hoang, Assistant Dean for Advancement at Loyola Law School, at Thanh.Hoang@lls.edu or (213) 736-1025.