Loyola's 50 Inspirational Alumni

Through the decades, Loyola Law School has expanded from one modest floor of a building located at present-day Loyola High School (then Loyola University) to a modern and striking Frank Gehry-designed campus.  But more notable than the brick and mortar of campus buildings is the impressive number of high-achieving graduates.  

As part of the 50 years at Albany Campus celebration, we are honored to recognize 50 Inspirational Alumni. With over 16,000 alumni, it was difficult to select only 50 honorees but the Alumni Board of Governors and others in our alumni community selected these remarkable alumni to be on the list.

The list is a “who’s who” of some of the most accomplished lawyers, public servants, and business men and women of the last half-century. Loyola is proud of their achievements and the way in which they have stood for the highest standards of personal integrity, professional ethics and concern for justice. 

Our inspiring alums were honored at this year’s Grand Reunion on Saturday, September 20, 2014. 

Gloria Allred ’74 

John E. Anderson, Sr.* ’50

Robert C. Baker ’71

Thomas P. Beck ’77

Ralph D. Black ’80 

David W. Burcham ’84 

Olegario D. Cantos VII ’97 

Hon. Benjamin J. Cayetano ’71

Carmen M. Chavez ’00 

Hon. Victor Chavez ’59 

Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.* ’62

Hon. Carol D. Codrington ’84 

Leonard Cohen* ’51 

John J. Collins* ’61 

William G. Coskran '59 

Hon. Kathryn Doi Todd ’70  

Pamela S. Duffy ’78 

Larry R. Feldman ’69  

Mark J. Geragos ’82 

Thomas V. Girardi ’64   

Lloyd Greif ’84 

Patrick C. Haden ’82 

Shirley A. Henderson ’72 

H. Claude Hudson* ’31 

Alfred Jenkins ’76 

Brian S. Kabateck ’89 

Hon. Otto M. Kaus* ’49 

Sean K. Kennedy ’89 

Gary E. Knell ’78 

Stuart A. Liner ’87 

Melanie E. Lomax* ’74 

Hon. Frederick J. Lower, Jr. ’64

Liam E. McGee ’84 

Hon. John V. Meigs ’78 

Jenine Meltzer* ’82 

Hon. Robert J. Miller ’71 

Thomas J. Nolan ’75 

Anne G. O'Keefe* ’24 

Maria M. Orozco ’61 

Stephen F. Page ’68 

Patricia D. Phillips ’67 

Mark P. Robinson ’72 

Nicholas P. Saggese ’80 

Robert L. Shapiro ’68 

Roman M. Silberfeld ’74 

Hon. Sheila P. Sonenshine ’70 

Lloyd Tevis* ’50 

Gregory Townsend ’96 

Walter F. Ulloa ’74 

Elmer Shokauku Yamamoto* ’32