Board of Governors


The Loyola Law School Alumni Association Board of Governors (Board) purpose shall be the following:

  • to cooperate with and assist the Dean of Loyola Law School in maintaining and improving the high quality of legal education offered by Loyola Law School;
  • to promote and assist students and graduates of Loyola Law School in the furtherance of their legal careers;
  • to advocate and practice the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct;
  • to promote a spirit of civility and community among the law school alumni

The Board is made up of 37 members (32 alumni and 5 ex-officio). The Board meets at least six times a year. Meetings are typically held on every 3rd Tuesday of the month and run approximately one hour. Other time commitments include individual committee meetings, which average about three to four hours a month.

Term of Office

Board members serve for a one or three or five year term. Terms are based on a calendar year cycle. There are no term limitations imposed, however, renewal of a member's participation and service to the Board must be voted on and approved at the end of their term by the entire Board.

Events & Programs

The Board is responsible for coordinating the Alumni Grand Reunion, which takes place in late October or early November, 1L Mentoring Program and the Adoption Day project. The Board supports the annual Bob Cooney Golf Tournament usually held in September. The Board also assists the Alumni Office in actively promoting or attending alumni events or programs throughout the year. 

Executive Board

Immediate Past President

John Tishbi `03


Grace Nguyen `06
Chapman, Glucksman, Dean, Roeb & Barger

 Vice President

Todd Sigler `96
McGladrey & Pullen LLP 


Agnes Ordubegian Martin `01
Martin Law Group


Alan Tippie `79
Sulmeyer Kupetz


Board of Governors