February Message from the Dean


A Message from Dean Victor Gold:

Loyola has advanced in many ways since opening its doors in 1964 at the Albany Street campus. Our alumni network has grown to over 16,000 members strong, with alums residing in over 31 countries!

Every member of the Loyola community is integral to who we are as an institution.


Your stories about making lifelong friends, connecting with your business partner, meeting career mentors and even finding lasting romance make us the tight knit community we are today.

In honor of February, here are four heartwarming stories about love, friendship, mentoring and professional connections.

I also invite you to share your story about a lifelong connection or relationship you made at Loyola.

Love, The Law and Civil Procedure

As many siblings do, Agnes Martin '01 followed in the footsteps of her brother Aram Ordubegian '96 when she chose to attend Loyola Law School. While anticipating an outstanding legal education, she was also fortunate enough to meet the love of her life—G. Thomas (Tom) Martin III '01. Tom and Agnes met on campus outside the Hall of the 70s on the very first day of orientation. continued

Forever Friendships Forged at Loyola - "The Dirty Half Dozen"

The crucible of three years in law school can forge lasting friendships, but perhaps none as strong or binding as the friendship of six women who attended Loyola Law School (LLS) in the early 1960s. The six women came together as friends, at a time when they were practically the only women at LLS. continued

Classmates Turn into Trusted Colleagues and Co-Workers

You hear time and again that the connections you make with your classmates in law school will stay with you throughout your career, and it sounds hard to believe but it has definitely rung true for Angela Agrusa '87 and Stuart Liner '87. After 16 years of practice, Angela and Stuart, who had kept in touch over the years, reunited as colleagues at Liner's firm. continued

Mentors help Motivate and Map out the Path for Recent Grads

Dennis Kass '88 celebrates some of the biggest law school moments with his Loyola mentees—first exams, first depositions, first interviews and first job offers. He signed up for Loyola's Mentor Program in 2003 and for him it's not just a one year obligation, it's a relationship that lasts well beyond law school. Mentees become colleagues and, more often, good friends. continued

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Message From the Dean
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