2011 Fall Semester

Loyola Law School is pleased to announce the Faculty Workshop Schedule. If you would like to attend a workshop, please contact Bridget Klink at (213) 736-1407 or Bridget.klink@lls.edu. Workshops are generally held on Thursdays from 11:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in Girardi, C90s unless noted otherwise.

August 25

Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr.

Visiting Professor of Law, Loyola-LA
Director of Faculty Research & Professor of Law, University of Alabama School of Law

"The Unitary Executive and the Plural Judiciary: Reconsidering the Institutional Power and Authority of the Offices of the Chief Justice and the President" 

August 30

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff

Associate Professor of Law, Washington University Law (Saint Louis)

"The Psychology of Procedural Justice in the Federal Courts"


September 8

Deborah L. Rhode

Ernest W. McFarland Professor of Law, and Founding Director, Center on Ethics, Stanford University Law School 

"Lawyers as Leaders"


September 15

Matthew T. Bodie 

Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development and 
Professor of Law, Saint Louis University School of Law

"Employees and the Boundaries of the Firm"


September 22

Hari M. Osofsky 

Associate Professor of Law & Lampert Fesler Research Fellow, University of Minnesota Law School

"Scales of Law: Rethinking Climate Change, Terrorism, and the Financial Crisis"


October 4

Francisco Valdes 

Professor of Law and Dean's Distinguished Scholar, University of Miami School of Law

"Making Sense of "Equality" in Law and Society: The Process Constitution, the Antisubordination Principle and the Future of Equal Protection Jurisprudence"


October 6

Eric R. Claeys

Professor of Law, George Mason University School of Law

"Locke Unlocked: Productive Use in Lockean Property Theory"


October 18 

Martin  Gräs Lind

Visiting Scholar, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
Associate Professor, Aarhus University, Denmark

“Whistleblowing in the European and Scandinavian Context” 


October 20

Aya Gruber 

Professor of Law, University of Colorado Law School

"A Distributive Theory of Criminal Law"