Patricia Phillips '67

Founding Partner, Phillips Jessner LLP

The founding partner of Phillips Jessner LLP, Phillips specializes in family law, mediation and litigation. When parting is inevitable, Phillips sees her role as helping people separate as quickly and as painlessly as possible. "I like the satisfaction of finding a resolution to a difficult situation," she says. "Your clients are starting a new life. You try to make them feel good about that."

A mother of five, Phillips gave birth to two of her children while attending Loyola's evening program, yet, she never missed a class. Known in the legal community for her work in alternative dispute resolution, Phillips sees mediation as a powerful tool that helps parties reach their own solutions. In 1998, she received the ACLU Pro Bono Advocacy Award, and she was also the first woman elected president of the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

"Our job is to resolve disputes, not to create disputes," she says. "That's the way I look at my job. I hope I've trained my five children to look at life in the same way."