Hon. Victor E. Chavez '59

Judge, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

Hon. Victor E. Chavez '59

Chavez is the gentleman judge. The Los Angeles Superior Court judge has built a reputation on his commitment to civility and collegiality. Everyone who enters his courtroom is treated with respect and in turn is expected to be respectful. “The courtroom is one of the last places where you see formality and dignity toward all individuals,” says Chavez, a native Angeleno.

Appointed to the bench in 1990, Chavez has the distinction of being the county’s only judge to have been sworn into office by his daughter.The Honorable Victoria M. Chavez, a Los Angeles County Municipal Court judge at the time, administered her father’s oath of office. Two years later, when she was elevated to the Superior Court, Chavez returned the favor.

Prior to his appointment, he was a partner at Pomerantz & Chavez, where he represented plaintiffs in personal injury and medical malpractice claims. Outside the courtroom, Chavez can be found in the saddle, Western-style. A founding member of the Cowboy Lawyers Association, he takes several annual horseback-riding trips with his colleagues.

Whether he’s enforcing the state code or the code of the West, it’s happy trails for the gentleman judge.