Gloria Allred '74

Partner, Allred, Maroko, and Goldberg

Gloria Allred '74

Between her work at the law firm, her radio show, her television show, and other appearances she makes, Gloria Allred keeps very busy.

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Allred moved to Los Angeles armed with a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree in English Education from New York University. "Los Angeles would be a place where my daughter could grow up in the sunshine," Allred recalls. Hoping to further her goal to improve the conditions in the schools by attaining a law degree, she attended Southwestern School of Law for one year before transferring to Loyola Law School.

In law school, Allred developed an interest in women's rights -- what she calls "women's wrongs." Despite offers of employment from some of Los Angeles' top law firms, she chose to open a firm with two Loyola classmates. The firm of Allred, Maroko, and Goldberg is approaching its twenty-fifth anniversary. One of the firm's main goals is to "inspire and empower those who have been victimized by discrimination to know that they can stand up for their rights, they can fight back and they can win." The firm's practice places a heavy emphasis on employment litigation covering such areas as sexual, racial, and age discrimination. Civil rape cases, child abuse, domestic battery cases also are covered at the firm.

Allred has also been involved in such high profile cases as the Nicole Brown Simpson case, the Paula Jones case, and Hunter Tylo's pregnancy discrimination case against the producers of the television show Melrose Place. Allred confesses that she has not taken a vacation in nearly 20 years, and works seven days a week.

Allred's daughter works at the firm, and she absolutely adores her two grandchildren, ages nine and eleven. "They are definitely the lights of my life, in addition to my daughter," Allred explains. "We are very close, and we have a lot of fun together. They bring a wonderful joy and perspective to my life."

Allred also hosts a weekend radio show on KABC Radio (790 AM in Los Angeles), which translates legalese into common English.