Dennis B. Kass '88

Founding Partner, Manning & Marker, Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, LLP

Dennis B. Kass '88

Kass has a nose for fraud. A founding partner of the 85-plus-attorneys firm of Manning & Marker, Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, LLP.

Kass’ focus is on insurance fraud protection. He was the lead counsel in the first case under the California Whistle-Blower statute and aided in the state’s first prosecution under the law. Not only do insurance companies rely on Kass’ skill in ferreting out private fraud and institutional fraud rings, but the state and the profession do as well.

Kass lectures around the nation to professionals and lawyers in the field. In addition, he has testified in front of the Judiciary and Insurance Committees of the California State Assembly and Senate on the subject of insurance fraud. Kass does not limit his skills to California; he helped draft anti-fraud legislation in Arizona as well. For his efforts, he was named the 2001 California Attorney of the Year for Litigation, and was the 1999 International Association of Special Investigation Unit’s Southern California Chapter Defense Attorney of the Year.

Elaborate and costly fraud rings will either have to get more complex and intricate or disappear as long as Dennis Kass is on their tail.