Bruce A. Zucker '93

Professor of Business Law
California State University, Northridge

Bruce Zucker discovered early in life that he loved to argue-with backyard bullies or family members, so it was natural that he studied law, because, in his words, "the law is about argument" and finding a way to the truth. Always concerned about indigent rights, Zucker tirelessly provides volunteer legal assistance to underprivileged citizens in tenant's rights disputes. 

After graduating from Loyola Law, Zucker became a full-time professor of business law at California State University at Northridge (CSUN), and championed case after case, earning the 2002 State Bar of California president's "Pro Bono Service Award."  Zucker has served as directing attorney of CSUN's Tenant Legal Clinic, and regularly serves as judge pro tempore for the Ventura County Superior Court.  

Zucker credits his wife, Kiren Dosanjh, with his success.  A fellow attorney and professor, Dosanjh built a strong home from which he draws the strength to fight the good fight.