Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the MLS designed?

The MLS program is designed to provide working professionals and life-long learners with legal skills and training that will help them be more effective and successful in their chosen fields. It also provides recent graduates with focused expertise to excel on a variety of career paths. Students will gain a solid foundation in the underpinnings of the legal system, legal research and writing, and legal analysis. Students will participate in JD courses and have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their area of interest.

In which subjects is the MLS offered?

The MLS program is fully customizable to suit a student’s interests. Students who choose to design their own MLS program will be aided by an adviser to design the best courses for their program. Focused areas of study include Health Care Law and Fashion Law.

In addition to the self designed program, Loyola offers five specializations: Corporate Law, Criminal Justice, Entertainment Law, Intellectual Property and International Business Law. These specializations have a required curriculum that has been specifically tailored to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

 How will it take to complete the degree?

 The degree is designed to be completed in one year, full-time, or two years, part-time.

 How does grading work?

 MLS students will take courses with JD students, but they won’t be graded against them. MLS students will be graded against other MLS students in their course.

 Can I receive an MLS and JD degree?

 No, the MLS program is designed for those who would like a better understanding of the law and its practices without completing a law degree. An LLM program is available for practicing attorneys.   

 I am an attorney trained outside the United States. Would this program be a good fit for me?

We would strongly recommend foreign-trained attorneys pursue an LLM degree.

 Can I transfer credits from a different master’s or JD program to the MLS program?

No, credits received from a different masters program or JD program cannot be transferred to the MLS program. Likewise, credit received from coursework completed during in the MLS program cannot be applied toward a JD. 

 Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is available for qualified applicants in the form of scholarships, loans and work study. Please see our Financial Aid Office for more information on how to properly apply for financial assistance programs.

 What do you look for in an application?

We look for standard information, the form application, a résumé, letters of recommendation, a copy of an official transcript and a personal statement. The personal statement is heavily weighted as it provides an applicant with the opportunity to describe his or her interest in law school and how this program can further their career goals.