Summer Financial Aid

Continuing students applying for summer financial aid must complete the LLS 2014 summer FA application. Applications are also available at the front desk of the office. You may email, fax, mail, or hand deliver your completed application to our office. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please review the summer financial aid rules below. [Printer friendly]

You will also need to reference the information sheets below in order to accurately complete the summer financial aid application.

2014 Summer Financial Aid Rules

Revised: March 2014

I.     For students who complete the LLS 2014 summer FA application process by April 21, 2014, we will make every effort to have funds available after the drop/add period. For students who apply after April 21, 2014, we may be able to defer your tuition, but we will not be able to advance funds for living expenses.

II.    Summer applications submitted after July 10, 2014 will not be processed.

III.   Students must enroll in at least two units to receive a federal loan.

IV.    Students are limited to 6 units unless enrolled in the JD/LLM Intensive Summer Session or are otherwise approved under Student Handbook section 2.5 which reads in part:

Both Day and Evening Division students will be permitted to register for a maximum of six units during Summer Session. (Students may petition the Registrar to register for more than the six units if they are enrolling in an externship and also wish to take a Summer Session course, or are attending non-overlapping Summer Session programs and otherwise meet conditions of 8.1.1…. or 8.1.3…)

V.     Students may not participate in more than one summer program with overlapping enrollment periods. Refer to Section 8.1.3. in the Student Handbook:

Students endeavoring to participate in more than one summer program, including Loyola Law School’s, must be sure that enrollment periods for each program run exclusive of one another – including orientation, all scheduled class meetings, and the examination period. Any overlapping enrollment periods will not be permitted.

VI.    Student loan eligibility is based on the number of units you indicated you would enroll in on your 2014 Summer Application for Financial Aid.

i.  If you enroll in fewer units, your loan proceeds will have to be adjusted, and the disbursement of your funds will be delayed.

ii.  If you drop units after loan funds are disbursed, funds will be returned in accordance with the Refund/Repayment policy and you may owe LLS a balance for summer tuition.

VII.   Students may not start to work before May 27, 2014 or work after August 1, 2014. Students may not work until the summer contract (SPIEP and/or work study) and associated paperwork have been completed and returned to the Office of Financial Aid. In addition, verification of my Time training must be provided.