Summer Tax Intensive Program for Visiting Students

Loyola’s Summer Tax Intensive Program is open to JD students already enrolled at other U.S. law schools. The Summer Tax Intensive Program for Visiting JD Students offers students at other law schools many of the same advantages that Loyola’s 3-year Joint JD/Tax LLM program offers to Loyola JD candidates.

Students take twelve units of graduate tax level coursework over ten weeks, a six unit Income Taxation Intensive course covering advanced income tax topics (including introduction to income tax) and a six unit Business Taxation Intensive covering corporate and partnership taxation.  The opportunity to study tax law in such an advanced and comprehensive way before the second year of law school even begins is unique and worthwhile.    

Loyola's Summer Tax Intensive Program offers students significant employment advantages for students planning careers in tax, business, and real estate law:

  • Enhanced job prospects: During the fall on-campus-interview season at the beginning of their second year (when big firms hire second-year summer associates on track for permanent offers), students who have completed Loyola's Summer Tax Intensive Program can offer employers a credential (completion of the intensive summer tax session) not available from any other law school in the United States.
  • Second-year summer open: Students in the joint program will normally be free to accept firm employment during the summer after their second year without conflicting academic obligations.

Students who complete the Summer Tax Intensive Program may complete this program on a standalone basis, or may apply the twelve units of coursework toward a Tax LLM degree from Loyola's top ten ranked Tax LLM program.  Students who have completed the Summer Tax Intensive program may complete the Tax LLM degree by visiting at Loyola for one or more semesters during their second or third year of law school (thus earning an LLM degree in only one additional summer of law school) or by returning to Loyola for one or more semesters after JD graduation.