Joint JD/Tax LLM Program

Loyola offers what we believe to be the only fully-sequenced 3-year Joint JD/Tax LLM program in the United States. Three years. Two degrees. A program designed to make you practice-ready in tax immediately upon graduation.  

Loyola's 3-year joint program offers students significant employment and financial advantages:

  • Potential for LL.M.-level tax employment after three years: Many students cannot afford to spend the additional year it normally takes to complete a stand-alone full-time Tax LLM program. Our program allows you to earn your Tax LLM degree from one of the country's top graduate tax programs without extending the time you spend in school.
  • Enhanced job prospects: During the fall on-campus-interview season at the beginning of their second year (when big firms hire second-year summer associates on track for permanent offers), students in the joint program can offer employers a credential (completion of the intensive summer tax session) not available from any other law school in the United States.
  • Second-year summer open: Students in the joint program will normally be free to accept firm employment during the summer after their second year without conflicting academic obligations. 

Loyola’s 3-year Joint JD/Tax LLM Program is also open to JD students already enrolled at other U.S. law schools. The Joint JD/Tax LLM for Visiting Students offers students at other law schools many of the same employment and financial advantages that Loyola’s 3-year Joint JD/Tax LLM program offers to Loyola JD candidates.