JD Day Program

Loyola's Day Division Program provides an outstanding three-year program for full-time law students.  As a first-year student, you get to know the campus - it's where you spend a lot of time in class and at the library. You build your legal foundation with seven required courses, and take an elective to help you decide if you want to specialize.

The world widens your second and third year, and you will become more future-focused. Classes are offered from 8 am to 10 pm, allowing students tremendous flexibility in arranging the "perfect" schedule. When students are not in class, they have the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting extracurricular activities sponsored by student groups and administrative departments at Loyola.

Breadth and Depth

The Loyola curriculum offers you breadth of class choice and depth of concentration in your area of legal interest.  Required classes cover the foundations of law, exposing you to different types of law and providing you a foundation for you to pass the bar.  With 325 elective courses - from Bioethics to Immigrant Rights - to choose from, you can explore your areas of legal interest, starting in your first year.

The Loyola curriculum is organized around Concentration programs for several major practice fields.  These "law majors" allow students to pursue focused study in a chosen field - both intellectual study and practical learning - including one semester of simulation or live-client experience.  The Concentration programs equip you with a comprehensive understanding of a practice area.  They also give you the specialization and training you need to work dynamically on the job in your chosen field.  Since employers look to hire new associates who are more practice-ready, our Concentrations groom you for today's job market.  

For a less structured approach to study in other areas of the law, Loyola has developed Integrated Courses of Study to provide students with guidance in course selection, and practical experiences available to prepare them for practice in areas such as healthcare law, law and the political process, family law, and others.


First Year Curriculum (Day)

Civil Procedure
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Legal Research & Writing

Upper Division Required Courses (Day)

Constitutional Law II
Ethical Lawyering
A Breadth Course
Upper Division Writing Requirement
Pro Bono Graduation Requirement

Student Life

Loyola is in the heart of a vibrant downtown urban scene.  By day, we're a brief shuttle ride away from Loyola's Downtown Public Interest Law Center, the federal courts and the major law firms where you'll be working and gaining valuable legal experience.  By night, you have endless choices for restaurants, music venues, art walks, opera, theater, and movie premiers.  Walt Disney Concert Hall showcases music from around the world.  The Staples Center is home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks.  And weekends will take you into greater Los Angeles, with its world-class art museums like the Getty, Universal Studios, the Santa Monica pier, and of course, a sweep of celebrated beaches.  No matter what your interests are, you will find something to love about Los Angeles. As more than one student has put it: "I decided to attend Loyola because people look happy here."