Degrees Offered

Loyola offers a number of different degree options to further your education in the United States.

We encourage you to explore our joint and advanced degree programs and consider the quality of the legal education provided at Loyola Law School. 

  • JD Day Program: A three-year program for full-time law students. 
  • JD Evening Program: A part-time program designed for students who for reasons of employment, family or other responsibilities are not able to carry the full course load.  
  • Joint JD/MBA: Offers students a combination of both a legal and business education.  Students will receive both degrees in four years, rather than five. This distinguishable program provides students with invaluable opportunities and experiences. 
  • Joint JD/Tax: The only fully-sequenced three year joint JD/Tax LLM program in the U.S. within three years, you will receive both degrees which prepare students to practice tax immediately upon graduation. The program is also available to Visiting Joint JD/Tax LLM from other US law schools.
  • Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS): The MLS program is designed to provide working professionals with legal skills and training that will help them be more effective and successful in their chosen fields.  Students will learn a solid foundation of the legal system, legal research and writing, and legal analysis.  Students will participate in JD courses, and have the opportunity to tailor their degree to their area of interest.  
  • Master of Tax Law (MT): This program makes the same Tax LLM curriculum and training available for non-lawyers, in a format intended to assist students in meeting the California "fifth year" CPA licensure requirements and training.
  • JSD: The Doctor of Juridical Science degree (JSD) is a research-based advanced law degree for JD and LLM graduates.  Click here to review the requirements for foreign educated applicants. 
  • LLM for Foreign Trained Attorneys: A degree designed for international students, who have received a law degree outside of the United States.
  • LLM Degree Specializations: A program that allows students to design an individualized curriculum based on their interests. Certain areas of interest have a required curriculum that has been specially tailored to equip graduates with a comprehensive understanding of the subject.
  • Tax LLM: A top 10 Tax LLM program by US News & World Report. The Tax LLM is offered both in a traditional form, full-time or part-time.