Advanced Lawyering Skills Electives

Alternative Dispute Resolution 

A lawyer's role as an advocate is to resolve client disputes whether through formal court procedures, less formal mediation or arbitration processes, or informal negotiations which result in settlement. The courses below are a sample list of the elective courses available to advanced students interested in alternative dispute resolution:

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (4J14)
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Law & Practice (4J89)   
  • Introduction to Negotiations (4J08)
  • Mediation (4J59)
  • Mediation Advocacy (4J53)
  • Mediation Advocacy Competition (7019)
  • Negotiation And Settlement (4J90)

Advanced Written and Oral Advocacy

Loyola has always been a nationally recognized leader in training advocates who are not only skilled but are also advocates who seek justice at all costs. As a part of its Advocacy Institute, Loyola hosts the National Institute for Trial Advocates workshops and seminars, a nationally ranked trial advocacy team, and live client clinics in both civil and criminal practice areas. The courses below are a sample list of the elective courses available to advanced students with an interest in litigation, trial advocacy or an appellate practice:

  • Appellate Advocacy (4J12)
  • Civil Litigation Practical Workshop: Litigating Child Sex Abuse Cases (4I78)
  • Civil Litigation Skills Practicum I (4J95)
  • Civil Litigation Skills Practicum II (4J96)
  • Constitutional Law In Action: Litigating Section 1983 Civil Rights Suits (4C37)
  • Cross Examination Intensive Workshop (4J77)
  • Deposition Practice (4J74)
  • Deposition Skills Workshop (4W03)
  • Drafting Civil Trial Documents (4W12)
  • Electronic Discovery (4P16)
  • Expert Witness Seminar (4F52)
  • Fact Investigation (4D16)
  • Legal Drafting (4J26)
  • Opening And Closing Seminar (4W15)
  • Public Speaking For Lawyers (4J69)
  • Trial Advocacy (4J19)

Transactional Practice

Loyola's skills training is not limited to advocacy, but also provides a broad curriculum for those interested in a transactional practice. Loyola’s Business Law Practicum is the cornerstone of this curriculum. It offers a unique and innovative approach to educating business lawyers that is designed to allow students to “hit the ground running” as first-year transactional associates. The courses below are a sample list of the elective courses available to advanced students pursuing a transactional practice:

  • Accounting for Lawyers (4B05)    
  • Business Planning I: Financing the Start-Up Business And Venture Capital Financing (4N34)
  • Commercial Law Drafting and Negotiation Skills Class (4B23)
  • Corporate Bankruptcy Reorganizations (4B25)
  • Corporate Finance (4A14)
  • Corporate Governance Seminar (4A22)
  • Corporate Taxation I and II (4N05 and 4N11, or 4N36)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (4A01)
  • Partnership Taxation I and II (4N08 and 4N15, or 4N42)
  • Tax Aspects of Mergers & Acquisition Transactions (4N41)
  • Transactional Negotiation Team (7077)

Questions about advanced electives focused on a corporate transactional practice should be directed to Professor Shannon Treviño (