Criminal Justice Concentration

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Sean Kennedy, advisor, Criminal Justice Concentration and Kaplan & Feldman Executive Director, Center for Juvenile Law & Policy

In 2010, Loyola Law School launched its Advocacy Institute, a program designed to give the next generation of Loyola students the practical skills demanded by the market while fostering Loyola's mission of upholding the highest standards of ethics, promoting the fair administration of justice and facilitating our commitment to serving the community. While Loyola's renowned advocacy teams, experienced doctrinal and skills faculty and extensive advocacy-related course offerings already set it apart in lawyering skills training, the Criminal Justice Concentration Program is a new academic component of Loyola's Advocacy Institute which will provide a comprehensive and unique academic experience.

Students who complete the program will have a matchless opportunity for exposure to and concentrated study in the law and skills necessary to train as an advocate in a criminal prosecution or defense setting. An important component of the Concentration Program is the intensive integrated experience wherein all students will participate in an externship or program allowing them to see the application of the learned skills to real life disputes.


Program Benefits:

  • Curriculum specifically designed to prepare criminal justice advocates
  • Individual student/faculty course counseling
  • Extensive lawyering skills course offerings
  • Practitioner‐in‐residence programs
  • Priority registration for Criminal Justice Concentration events
  • Designation on transcript upon successful completion
  • Opportunity for honors recognition upon graduation