Externship Opportunities

Comprehensive pre-approved externship opportunities for judicial agencies, government agencies and public interest law firms, with contact information and referral addresses, are always available by emailing either the Faculty Director or the Assistant to the Director (see Contact Box on the Externship Department homepage).  Here are a few of the opportunities available; this list is just illustrative of the many and varied externship placements for Loyola students:

Business and commercial placements: California Department of Corporations, Securities and Exchange Commission, Small Business Administration, United States Attorney Tax Division, California Attorney General Business and Tax Division, United States Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Civil litigation in public interest placements: American Civil Liberties Union, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, Bet Tzedek Legal Services, Public Counsel, the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation.

Immigration practice: Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Immigration Law Practicum, Los Angeles Bar Association Legal Assistance Program, the Central American Refugee Center, El Rescate Legal Services.

Center for Juvenile Law and Policy

Disability law practice: Disability Legal Rights Center, Mental Health Advocacy Services

Mediation practice: Center for Conflict Resolution

Office of the Los Angeles City Attorney: Criminal Division, Hard Core Gang, Land Use, Environmental, and many other divisions

County Counsel Dependency Court

Office of the Los Angeles District Attorney: Criminal Division, Preliminary Hearings, Central Trials, Hard Core Gang, Hate Crimes, High Tech crimes, and many more divisions.

Office of the Federal Public Defender and Office of the County Public Defender

California Attorney General: Criminal Division, Land Use, Antitrust, Business and Tax and many more divisions.

State courts: Los Angeles Superior Court and the California Courts of Appeal

Federal courts: Central District trial courts, the United States 9th Circuit Courts of Appeal, the United States Bankruptcy Courts and the United States Magistrate Courts.

Remember that this is just an illustrative list of the wide range of opportunities. Email the Faculty Director or the Assistant to the Director for detailed referral sheets.