Fashion Law Symposia and Events

The fashion industry is influenced by a number of factors:  changes in consumer demand, technology, changes in the law, and changes in the global business environment.  The Fashion Law Project at Loyola is designed to assist legal and fashion industry professionals to keep abreast of these changes, enabling them to provide their clients with the well-informed business and legal advice.

The Project annually will create a forum for legal and fashion industry professionals to connect with one another and to learn about cutting edge issues relevant to fashion law.

Summary: As counsel, both business and legal, to fashion industry players, it is critical that advisers be aware of new legal concerns that surface as the fashion business evolves. The focus of this symposium is to create a forum for the legal and fashion law professionals to explore these emerging issues.

Audience: Legal industry professionals, fashion industry professionals, law students

March 2015 Symposia Panel Topics:

  • Digitizing Your Supply Chain: How to protect your brand while moving into the fast lane
  • Building with Digital Bricks: Using omnichannels to create a holistic customer experience
  • International Sales, International Problems: Social and legal minefields in the digital age
  • Is My Smart Phone Spying on Me? Everything you need to know about expanding into wearable tech