Fashion Law Symposia and Events

The fashion industry is influenced by a number of factors:  changes in consumer demand, technology, changes in the law, and changes in the global business environment.  The Fashion Law Project at Loyola is designed to assist legal and fashion industry professionals to keep abreast of these changes, enabling them to provide their clients with the well-informed business and legal advice.

The Project annually will create a forum for legal and fashion industry professionals to connect with one another and to learn about cutting edge issues relevant to fashion law.

The Creative Response to Political Disruption - April 7, 2017

Loyola Law School's Fashion Law Project and Entertainment Law Review are proud to present the 2017 Fashion Law Symposium. This year's conference will include panels covering topics such as:

  • Twitter, Terrorism and Trends: How social media’s role in disrupting how we communicate and consume.

  • Brand Identity and Image Management: How brands and designers remain in control and on trend in social and political activism.

  • Capitalizing in Chaos: How to profit during uncertain times in the global fashion trade.

  • #YourDollarHasPower: How our consumer purchases may have inadvertent social and political impact

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Fashion Law Summer Intensive - July 27-30, 2017

The third-annual installment of the Fashion Law Summer Intensive Program hosted by Loyola Law School will focus on constructing a brand narrative and all the legal elements necessary to carry that story forward. This program is designed for students in the fashion industry, practicing lawyers and fashion industry professionals seeking to develop and deepen their understanding of the relationship between the law and the business of fashion.

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