1. What does The Center do?
    The Center does two things:
    1. Mediations, conciliations and facilitations
    2. Conflict Resolution Training
  2. What is MEDIATION?
    Mediation is when people in conflict sit down with a neutral mediator and talk face-to-face.

  3. What if I don't want to meet face-to-face?You don't have to. Give The Center the other person's name and telephone number or address and The Center will talk to them for you. The Center calls this CONCILIATION.

  4. What if I don't want to ask the other person to mediate or to conciliate?
    You don't have to. The Center will ask them.

  5. What if I don't think the other person will agree to mediate or to conciliate?  
    Many of the people who call The Center feel this way. To their surprise, the other person often does agree. 

  6. What is FACILITATION?
    A neutral facilitator from The Center can assist you in conducting your business or organization meeting, or can observe your meeting and offer you advice about how you might avoid conflict at your meeting.

  7. What does a mediator or conciliator or facilitator do?
    They are good listeners and good communicators who help people to talk and to listen. They do not take sides, they do not judge people and they do not tell people what to do.

  8. How long does a mediation take?
    A two party mediation usually takes three to four hours.

  9. How many people can mediate at the same time?
    Any number can.

  10. Does The Center give legal advice?
    No. The Center does not give legal advice or represent anyone. If you need legal advice or any other kind of advice, The Center will refer you to someone who can advise you.

  11. What kind of Training does The Center do?
    The Center does two kinds of Training:
    1. Training for persons who want to learn how to use conflict resolution skills and process when they are communicating with only one other person, such as, a client at work, a co-worker, a family member, or a friend.
    2. Training for persons who want to learn how to use conflict resolution skills and process when they are communicating with two or more persons in conflict at work or at home.

  12. How do I decide what Training I need? 
    Just call The Center at (213) 736-1145.

  13. How long is the Training?
    We can structure a Training to your particular situation. Our most popular Trainings are our 42-Hour Mediation Nuts & Bolts Training.

  14. How many people can The Center train at one time?
    The Center has facilities for small groups of 20 or for large groups of 100.

  15. Do we have to come to The Center for the Training?
    No. The Center can come to you.

  16. Are the services at The Center provided only in English?
    No. The Center can provide all of its services in Spanish and, by using students and other Centers, it may be possible to provide its services in several other languages.

  17. Does The Center charge for its services?
    No one will be charged a fee for the services of The Center who cannot afford to pay. A sliding fee schedule will be used for those who can afford to pay.

  18. How is The Center funded?
    The Center is funded through the generosity of Loyola Law School's Public Interest Law Foundation, the law firms of Burke, Williams and Sorenson and Musick, Peeler and Garrett, Loyola Law School, and by the County of Los Angeles from funds made available under the Dispute Resolution Program Special Fund. 

  19. What kinds of cases does The Center handle?

Contact us at (213) 736-1145