About Us

The Center For Conflict Resolution is a community-based bilingual program providing mediation, conciliation, and facilitation services, as well as conflict resolution training. 

Mediation Services
Mediation is a process in which the parties work together toward a resolution that tries to meet everyone's interests. The parties to the conflict voluntarily meet face-to-face and, with the help of a neutral mediator, try to resolve their conflict by talking directly to each other. The Center mediates all types of civil disputes and all of our services are provided in English and in Spanish.

Conciliation Services
Conciliation is a kind of conflict resolution in which the parties to the conflict do not meet face- to-face. Instead, a neutral conciliator tries to help the parties resolve their conflict by talking to the parties separately, often on the telephone. These services are also provided in both English and Spanish.

Facilitation Services
Facilitation is not a kind of conflict resolution. It is a way to avoid conflict. Neutral Center facilitators are available to attend meetings to help the parties talk to each other in ways to try to avoid conflicts.

Conflict Resolution Training
The Center conducts trainings in Mediation, Conciliation and Facilitation skills and processes at your location or at the Law School. 

These are only some of the examples of the trainings conducted at The Center:

  • Persons who want to learn conflict resolution skills and processes to help them deal with difficult customers, clients, or members of the public;
  • Persons who want to learn conflict resolution skills and processes to help them avoid conflict with co-workers, with partners, with committee/board members and with family;
  • Persons who want to learn how to become mediators, conciliators, and facilitators.  


These Services Are Made Possible Through Major Support from the County of Los Angeles Department of Community and Senior Services Through the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.