The Clinics

CJLP Generations in Court
Generations of the CJLP converge in juvenile court


The Center for Juvenile Law and Policy is home to three of only a small handful of live-client clinics nationwide.  In these clinics, students have the opportunity to regularly represent children in delinquency court proceedings, education hearings, probation hearings, and appellate work. Each clinic requires enrollment in a year-long course relevant to its respective focus (procedure and litigation skills for the JJC; California education law and lawyering skills for YJEC; investigation and appellate processes for the JIFS Clinic).   The coursework prepares clinical students for all aspects of representation of their clients, from initial interviews through hearings, disposition and post-disposition case management. 

 A multidisciplinary approach to representing children is the hallmark of our philosophy. Our social-work staff play a key roll in our representation of every one of our clients and work in close collaboration with clinical students in case management and client relations. See information on holistic representation.

The clinic is located on the 5th floor of the Casassa building. Students in the class are each assigned a computer workstation for their use where wireless access is available. The classes take place in the Trial Advocacy Center, just down the hall. 

For more information on each clinic, please visit:

‌Acceptance is by application only.  Applications for all three clinics are posted in the Spring.