Founding Director - Seagull Song

Professor Seagull Song, Asia-America Law Institute director, is Loyola's resident China scholar. As a leading voice on Chinese IP law, she is a prolific speaker and scholar. Recent work includes:

Speaking at "Dialogue with Oscar Winners"

On April 25, Prof. Song spoke at the "Conversation with Oscar Winners" held in Beijing as a panelist. Read a news link to the event. The two Oscar winners with whom she had a dialogue were 1) Laurent Witz (French director and writer), winner for 2013 Best Animated Short Film; and 2) Nickson Fong (Singapore-American), winner for Technical Achievement Award (2013). Fong's technology "Pose Space Deformation" was widely used in blockbusters such as The Lord of Rings, Avatar etc.
Speaking at Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF) 
On April 19 during BIFF week, Prof. Song spoke on the panel "Industry Focus: Movie Finance."