Public Interest Law Department

Loyola Law School has demonstrated an exceptionally strong commitment to public interest law since it first opened its doors in 1920. That commitment was further demonstrated when it formed the Public Interest Law Department in 1998. Overseeing several different programs, the Public Interest Law Department works to assist students wishing to pursue a career in public interest law in realizing their career potential, offering scholarships, post graduate fellowships and general guidance.

Also, by being the first ABA-accredited school in the State of California to have a mandatory , and by offering funding for 70 summer employment positions in local legal service organizations through the , each and every Loyola Law School student has the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of fulfilling their obligation to the community at large while providing assistance to public interest employers which they otherwise could not afford. Between these two programs, Loyola students donate well over 20,000 hours of student legal services each year to nonprofit organizations throughout the community.

The was created in 1998. This scholarship program awards a number of scholarships in varying amounts to incoming students interested in a career in public interest law. The selection is based on a combination of academic merit and public interest background and commitment. In addition to this funding, every year Loyola offers three Post Graduate Fellowships in Public Interest Law. These fellowships were established in order to create job opportunities in public interest for Loyola graduates. They were designed with the intention of providing legal services to the underrepresented groups that have traditionally lacked full access to legal services. It is our hope that all of Loyola Law School’s programs will help encourage and develop a diverse and qualified group of future public interest lawyers and leaders to ensure the future of public interest law.