A Message From The Dean

Loyola Law School is special in every way.

Gifted teachers and scholars--Loyola Law faculty include former US Supreme Court clerks, public interest lawyers, agency chiefs and law firm partners. They are internationally known scholars who publish innovative theories that influence the direction of the legal profession. Yet, they are responsive to student concerns and dedicated to their educational and professional development.

Motivated and talented students--Our students enrich the educational climate while here--the campus population is diverse --and when they leave Loyola they achieve remarkable success in every facet of the legal, business and political worlds. Our graduates include internationally renowned trial lawyers, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, state governors and judges.

A cutting-edge campus--Our award-winning Frank Gehry-designed campus is an academic village, with state-of-the-art facilities designed to encourage communication and social interaction. Our newly renovated library offers the latest in information technologies, while housing over 500,000 volumes. The recent dedication of the Girardi Advocacy Center strengthens our position as a leader in advocacy skills education.

A commitment to public service- Loyola Law School has had an exceptionally strong commitment to public interest law since 1920. Loyola Law is the first ABA accredited school in California with a mandatory pro bono service requirement--Loyola students donate well over 20,000 hours of student legal services each year to non-profit organizations.

Superior career placement services and alumni network--The Office of Career Services vigorously pursues new employment opportunities and resources for the benefit of Loyola students, working with them throughout their law school careers and beyond. Loyola Law alumni are active, serve prominent positions, and provide excellent networking opportunities.

A bright future--Loyola Law School has had a profound effect on the legal profession and on American history, and we're focusing on future generations--we are strengthening our academic prowess with smaller class sizes, new programs in ethical advocacy, technology law, trial advocacy, and corporate and business law. We are continuing our commitment to public service and real-world experience for our students.

It's an exciting time to visit Loyola. You can feel the energy, from students, faculty and staff, coming from every corner of our beautiful campus.