2010 Spring

Loyola Law School’s IP Theory Colloquium meets on Mondays from 9:45 to 11:45 am. in Founders Hall Room 236 (2nd floor).  Faculty members from other law schools are welcome. RSVP to Bridget Klink at 213.736.1407 or Bridget.Klink@lls.edu.

Jan. 25

Barton Beebe,

Professor of Law

New York University School of Law

“Intellectual Property Law and the Sumptuary Code”

Barton Beebe
Feb. 8

Madhavi Sunder,

Professor of Law

UC Davis School of Law

"iP: YouTube, MySpace, Our Culture"

Madhavi Sunder
Feb. 22

Christopher Sprigman,

Associate Professor of Law

University of Virginia School of Law

"Valuing Intellectual Property: An Experiment"

Christopher Sprigman
Mar. 8

Clarisa Long,

Max Mendel Shaye Professor of Intellectual Property

Columbia Law School

"Institutions and Interest Groups in Patent Law"

Clarissa Long
Mar. 22

Sanjay Sood,

Associate Professor of Marketing, Faculty Director, EMMI

UCLA Anderson School of Management

"Brand Equity Models and Experiments for Trademark Litigation"

Sanjay Sood
Apr. 12

Rosemary Coombe,

Canada Research Chair in Law, Communication and Cultural Studies

York University (Toronto)

"Cultural Agencies: Community Subjects and Intellectual Property Claims"

Rosemary Coombe
Apr. 21

Dan L. Burk,

Chancellor's Professor of Law

UC Irvine School of Law

"Do Patents Have Gender?"

Dan L. Burk