Faculty Blogs

Summary Judgments faculty blog

The Summary Judgments blog is a forum for Loyola Law School, Los Angeles faculty members to publish their opinions and insights on legal matters ranging from Supreme Court jurisprudence to legislative processes to news topics and everything in between.

Prof. Atik's Attraverso global finance blog

Professor Jeff Atik provides his opinion on global financial issues -- from book reviews to commentary on emerging stories of international impact.

Prof. Clark’s Health Care Justice Blog

Professor Brietta Clark tracks healthcare issues, including issues related to the Affordable Care Act. She focuses on coverage for those traditionally underserved by the healthcare industry -- the uninsurable.

Prof. Levitt's All About Redistricting

Professor Justin Levitt dissects and explains the process of legislative redistricting -- including its effects on the electorate and its intersection with the law. Levitt, well-published in the field, served as the National Voter Protection Counsel in 2008.

Prof. Levinson's PoLawTics blog

Professor Jessica Levinson blogs about the intersection of law and politics at PoLawTics.

Prof. Natapoff’s Snitching Policy Resource Site

Informants are everywhere in the U.S. criminal system. Professor Alexandra Natapoff explains legislation and litigation trends around the country, and provides resources for government officials, journalists, and families affected by criminal informant policies.

Other Campus Blogs

Jury of Peers student blog

Loyola Law School's day and evening students blog about their experiences on this law-student diary. Check here for dispatches from the Law School's array of clinics, events, externships and more.