• IP Expert Launches Right-of-Publicity Portal

    Professor Jennifer Rothman’s “Roadmap to the Right of Publicity,” a state-by-state guide to the nationwide patchwork of laws governing the use of an individual’s identity for commercial purposes, has received widespread praise from experts. The website organizes a labyrinth of information in an easily searchable, interactive format -- one of many features praised by reviewers.

  • MLS Students Use New Degree for Career Ascent

    Lesley Smith ’16 plans to use her Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS) degree to take her career to the next level through better negotiation and drafting of contracts. Despite the courses and certifications she earned in the field, along with a decade of work experience, she found herself seeking mastery of the finer points of contract law. Her solution: an MLS degree from Loyola.

  • Degree Programs Focus on Cybersecurity

    Starting in 2016, Loyola will offer cutting-edge programming in cybersecurity available to students pursuing their JD, Master of Studies in Legal Science or Master of Laws degree. Students interested in the MLS program may learn more at an upcoming info session.

  • Meet Our Jury of Peers Student Bloggers

    The Jury of Peers student blog provides an unfiltered look at Loyola Law School student life. Six first- and second-year students will document their trials and tribulations throughout the year. Meet them now.

  • Scholarship Focuses on Plight of Women in the Criminal Justice System

    Professor Priscilla Ocen brings a critical perspective on the plight of women and minority groups behind bars at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. This hearing centers on educating the public, members of Congress, congressional staff and others about the dramatic infringements on women’s reproductive rights.


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Prof. Levinson quoted in Los Angeles Times about scheduling of local council meetings Ethics commission president notes the scheduling changes limits resident participation

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Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic helps launch ¡Protégete!...¡Ciudadanía Ya! with Univision Members of Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic helped launch a community based campaign to help eligible legal permanent residents

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Prof. Caplan assesses constitutional implications of snowboard ban at ski resort with CBS News Constitutional law expert explains the equal protection clause and how it relates to a ski resort banning snowboarders

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